Compensation for cancelled flight

Cancellations happen however there is chance to get compensation up to 600EUR for such irregularities. Check how much you can get!

A flight cancellation is never an enjoyable event, nor something we would expect to happen to us. Hopefully we are lucky enough to have a good book or a favorite series as to not to get bored while waiting. In most cases, we need to find a solution right there, at the airport. Rarely are we informed of a cancellation in advance. The good news is passengers are protected in such cases, this is why it is important to know your rights. More about this you can find below:

What is a flight cancellation?

A flight cancellation is the event in which an airline does not operate a certain flight at all. Unlike a flight delay which means a flight is operated under the same flight number outside the previously scheduled time, a cancelled flight is going to be operated at a later time under a different flight number.

What are the reasons to cancel a flight?

Airlines operations is a very complex subject to offer a single answer. Reasons for a cancellation can be determined by multiple factors: from aircraft technical condition to bird strike or strong winds. We as passengers have to be understanding when a flight is not operated due to high risk natural conditions. This is beyond the airline's control and it is usually meant to ensure passengers' life, security and of course crew and aircraft safety. How about cases when flights are cancelled due to technical, commercial or other reasons fully under the airline's responsibility? This is when passengers should be aware of their rights and use it in their advantage. To make it more clear, you have below a simple list of examples. Use it next time you are stuck at the airport or simply file a claim on and we will do the job.

You might get compensation
if your flights was
cancelled due to:
You will not get compensation
if your flight was
cancelled due to:
Crew shortage Bad weather
Crew sickness Natural disasters
Airline staff strike Political unrest
Technical issues Airport employees strike
Knock-on effect Air traffic controllers strike
Manageable bad weather COVID-19
Boarding denials due to overbooking Medical emergency landing

Regardless of the reason for a cancellation, if the airline informs passengers at least 14 days before departure, no compensation will be paid out by the airline. Notifications sent less than 14 days prior departure entitle passengers to claim compensation. The amount depends on itinerary distance and new flight arrival time.

What regulations should you refer to and what it covers?

The most referred to is regulation EC261/2004 (PDF). This regulation was set to protect passengers affected by flight disruptions given the below conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Flight is within EU, regardless airlines nationality
    Example: From Madrid to Amsterdam operated by EasyJet
  2. From Non-EU to EU operated by European airline
    Example: From Moscow to Paris operated by AirFrance
  3. From EU to Non-EU operated by non european airline
    Example: From Rome to New-York operated by American Airlines
  4. If a flight is operated from Non-EU to EU by non european airline - No
    Example: From Belgrade to Athens operated by AirSerbia

Countries out of Europe have different regulations for internal flights or don’t have it at all.

Russia: Passengers are entitled to claim 25RUB (0.30eur) per hour of delay and right to care.

USA: There is no clear regulation for delays and cancellations Each airline sets up their internal policy and procedures. Rules are mentioned in terms and conditions of carriage.

India: In India airlines have to inform passengers at least 24h prior to departure and offer alternative flight. Otherwise airline is liable to pay compensation up to 10000INR (114EUR).

Right to care

Remember that in an unfortunate event of a flight cancellation, according to EC261/2004 passengers have the right to care. This means that if you are stranded at an airport over 2h, the operating airline has to offer means of communication (2sms or 2 emails), a free meal, a free drink and if the cancellation impacts your night rest, free accommodation as well.

We hope this was not too much to read as there is still more information we did not put in. If it happened for you to book a trouble flight that got cancelled or delayed, hand it over to us and we will transfer you the compensation once received from the airline. Claims are accepted during 3 years since the travel date.