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Do you want to help your friends solve flight problems and earn at the same time? Refer them to our Trouble Flight service and receive €12 if they open a valid claim with us. We help travelers get the compensation they deserve for delays, cancellations, and overbooking. Join our 'Refer a Friend' program and earn every time a friend turns to us to solve a flight problem. Don't miss the opportunity to earn and help your friends, sign up for our program now!

Refer a friend<br>get a €12 reward

Why becaming partner?

Do you want to offer your friends a support service to solve problems with their flights at no cost? With Trouble Flight you can do this easily and earn money at the same time!

Your friends will be able to request or inquire about compensation in case of cancelled, delayed, denied boarding or overbooked flights thanks to our professional service. We operate in Italy, Romania, Moldova, the UK and Spain, with a 98% success rate and without charging any fees for handling cases.

In addition, European Regulation 261/2004 states that airlines are obliged to pay compensation for inconvenience from EUR 250 up to EUR 600 in the event of a cancelled flight (with notification of less than 14 days), delayed flight (at least 3 hours) or denied boarding. Trouble Flight handles cases first amicably with the airline and if negotiations fail, through a judicial process.

By participating in our 'Refer a Friend' referral program, you can offer your friends this professional service and earn money every time one of them relies on us to solve a flight problem. There are no upfront costs or fees to pay: in case of success we will pay you a commission for each case closed.

In addition, we offer telephone and e-mail support, and your friends can view the status of the complaint at any time via the dedicated page. Don't miss the opportunity to offer support to your friends and earn money at the same time: sign up for our 'Refer a Friend' referral program now!

Included Tools

Affiliation Link

Short personal link to track claim your customer sent.

Affiliate Dashboard

Check the status of your claims in real time

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