Compensation for denied boarding

It is not so common to be denied boarding, however this happens sometimes. Provide us all details so we can proceed with the investigation and claim your compensation up to 600EUR.

Everyone showed up late for a flight at least once. A common reaction is to try to make it to the gate. If you only have your hand luggage and check-in was done online, you should rush to the gate. Perhaps you have a chance to catch the flight.

What if you need to check-in or have luggage to drop off? This is the classic situation when boarding is denied due to passengers being late. Airport operations are more rigid than ground transportation. There are slots assigned for take off and landing for each aircraft. If the check-in is closed, it can not be reopened. If boarding is completed and the gate is closed, it can not be reopened.

Boarding is denied in following cases:

  1. Passenger showed up late for check-in (check-in is closed)
  2. Passenger did not proceed to gate in time for boarding (boarding is completed and gate is closed)
  3. Passenger did not have valid travel documents (expired passport, no visa, ticket for wrong date, etc)
  4. Passenger is exposing other passengers to health risks or he represents threat to safety on board
  5. Flight is overbooked and passenger had no seat on the plane
  6. Airline swapped aircraft due to commercial reasons and there is not enough seats on the plane

In the first 4 cases passengers are not entitled to compensation. In case 5 and 6 passengers can confidently claim compensation from airlines. Of course there are specific cases and boarding can be denied as a result of airport staff misinformation, misunderstanding and so on. As each case it’s individual, it requires particular attention and investigation. You can dispute your case directly with the airline or you can leave it to us and avoid the hassle of defending your rights.