What trouble flight can help me with?
We will handle the entire process of claiming compensation from airlines for any irregularities occurred during your trip.

What types of irregularities troubleflight.com handles?
We will assist in next cases: delayed flight, cancelled flight, boarding denied, overbooking, missed connecting flight.

What are your fees?
We work on no win, no fee basis. A winning case is going to be charged 25% of the compensation amount upon receival from the airline.

What currency is my compensation paid in?
Compensations are paid in EUR.

How long does it take to get compensation?
Terms depend on the airline in charge. We process the claim the same day we receive it and we submit an official request to the airline. It takes a few weeks usually to hear from them. We will constantly keep you posted on the progress. You can also log into your account and monitor news about your claim.

Can I apply for compensation with you and with the airline?
We strongly recommend to choose only one option. Airlines might reject a duplicate request or it can take longer to reply.

My flight was a codeshare. Which airline is responsible?
The airline which operates the flight is responsible for compensation.

Example: Flight Madrid to London flight Iberia 702 operated by British Airways. British is responsible for compensation.

My connecting flights are operated by two different airlines. Which one is responsible for lost or damaged luggage?
The operating carrier of the last flight is responsible.

Which law covers air passengers rights?
Flight disruptions are regulated by EC261/2004 (PDF) for flights to and out of Europe.

What is the maximum compensation I can receive?
For flight delay and cancellation the maximum compensation amount is 600eur.

How far back can I claim compensation?
Each country set its own deadline for claiming compensation. See the list below:

Austria: 3 years
Belgium: 1 year
Bulgaria: 3 years
Croatia: 2 years
Cyprus: 6 years
Czech Republic: 3 years
Denmark: 3 years
Estonia: 3 years
Finland: 3 years
France: 5 years
Germany: 3 years
Greece: 5 years
Hungary: 5 years
Iceland: 2 years
Ireland: 6 years
Italy: 2 years
Latvia: 2 years.
Lithuania: 3 years
Luxemburg: 10 years
Malta: 2 years
Norway: 3 years
Poland: 1 year
Portugal: 3 years
Romania: 3 years
Scotland: 5 years
Slovakia: 2 years
Slovenia: 2 years
Spain: 5 years
Switzerland: 2 years
Sweden: 10 years
The Netherlands: 2 years
United Kingdom: 6 years

What countries are considered Europe according to EC261/2004?
According to EC261/2004 all EU countries including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Guadalupe, French Guaiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotta, St. Maarten, Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands.

Can I accept compensation from the airline if I was contacted directly after submitting a claim with troubleflight.com?
Yes, however we will issue an invoice of 30eur for the service provided our end.

Where can I find a booking reference or ticket number?
A booking reference is also called PNR. It usually contains 6 letters and numbers.

Example: ZT4E7N. A ticket nr is usually a 13 digit number with a dash after first 3 digits. Example: 131-1234567890

Am I entitled to receive compensation if I was downgraded?
Yes, you can claim 30% of the ticket price for flights shorter than 1500km, 50% of the ticket price if flight was longer than 1500km and 75% if the flight was longer than 3500km.

Does the EC261/2004 apply to UK airlines after Brexit?
UK is still compliant with the EC261/2004. We will keep you posted if something will change.

What are extraordinary circumstances?
Such events that are beyond airlines control as airport staff strike, hurricanes, political unrest, air traffic control strike, birds strike, etc. In these cases the airline is not liable to pay compensation for flight disruptions.

What is the difference between EC261/2004 and Montreal Convention?
EC261/2004 states compensation amount and classifies types or irregularities. This allows us to identify the category to which your particular case belongs. EC261/2004 established compensation amount for passengers lost time as time is a valuable resource for each person. EC261/2004 covers only flights involving european destinations.

Montreal convention compensates damages and loss incurred as a result of flight disruptions. It does not establish certain amounts of compensation you are entitled to. According to Montreal Convention compensation is estimated according to passenger’s loss: how much a hotel room costed to overnight because of the flight cancellation, how much lost suitcase costed and the value of the items it contained, etc. Montreal Convention covers flights worldwide. A total of 133 countries signed the convention and are compliant to it.

Are children eligible for compensation?
Eligibility is related to ticket, not to passenger’s age. If a ticket was paid in full and there was a seat assigned to this ticket, it is eligible. Tickets for infants travelling on parent’s lap and without a separate seat assigned on the ticket, are not eligible for compensation. Infants are considered babies younger than 2yo.