Compensation for misconnection

There is multiple reason why misconnection happen and each case is very particular. We encourage you to offer us details in order to be able evaluate your case and we will provide customized feedback!

Nobody likes to get stuck midway to their final destination, however no one can guarantee it will not happen to you. What to do if you missed your connecting flight?

In first place try to clarify why it happened? Did you spare too much time for coffee? Was your first flight delayed? Perhaps your connecting time was not enough?

In order to claim compensation for misconnection you need to make sure it happened due to first flight cancellation or delay, due to previous flight overbooking or if your connection offered was not enough. If you had two separate tickets the first airline is not responsible for your next flight and misconnection.

Example 1: Flight Bucharest to Malta via Istanbul operated by Turkish airlines.

Both flights are on the same ticket. Your flight from Bucharest to Istanbul was 3h delayed and you missed the next flight from Istanbul to Malta. Airline is liable for compensation given the reason for delay is eligible.

Example 2: Flight from Verona to Athens via Rome. Verona to Rome operated by Alitalia. Rome to Athens operated by Wizzair. These are two separate tickets.

Your flight to Rome was delayed and you missed your flight from Rome to Athens operated by Wizzair. Alitalia is not responsible in this case for your next flight operated by Wizzair.


If the misconnection happened due to airline delay, proceed to the airline ticketing desk and ask for assistance. Airlines have to reprotect passengers at no extra cost. If you had two separate tickets check online for another option.

Because every case is individual, get in touch with us to check if you are entitled to get compensation for your misconnection.