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Offer a new service to your customers without any upfront investment thanks to Trouble Flight. Your customers will be able to request or inquire about compensation for cancelled flights, delayed flights, denied boarding or overbooking.

Trouble Flight operates in the Italian, Romanian, Moldovan, UK, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Hungarian markets. It has a 98% success rate and does not charge any fees for handling cases.

The European Regulation 261/2004 states that the airline is obliged to pay compensation for inconvenience from EUR 250 up to EUR 600 in the event of a cancelled flight (with notification of less than 14 days), delayed flight (at least 3 hours) or denied boarding.

Cases are handled by Trouble Flight first amicably with the airline and if negotiations fail through a judicial process. All this involves no cost or advance payment for the customer. We only charge a commission in case of success. We offer telephone and e-mail support, and you can view the status of your complaint at any time on our complaint page.

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