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Are you part of the travel industry, such as a travel agency, tour operator, or travel consultant? Did you experience the chaos of Summer 2022, dealing with numerous last-minute flight cancellations and delays, sleepless nights on the phone, and the frustration of long, exhausting shifts? We empathize with your struggles and have developed a program tailored for travel businesses.

Offer your customers an additional service, exceed their expectations, and increase your income. For every compensation we secure from the airline, you'll earn a commission.

Become a<br>Trouble Flight Partner

Travel Agency and Trouble Flight

Dispelling Myths

Some travel agents fear that airlines may raise ticket prices or ban passengers if they guide them through the compensation process. Let's debunk these myths:

Ticket prices are determined by various factors, but passenger compensation claims are not one of them.

  • Airlines have annual compensation budgets and tools to stay within these limits. Compensation should go to affected passengers, not remain in the airline's bank account.
  • Compensation regulations are established by international law. Airlines are aware of the rules and must comply. No passenger has ever been banned for asserting their rights.

Why Partner With Us

Imagine how relieved and appreciative a frustrated passenger would be when you not only rebook their flight but also tell them: "I'm sorry for the inconvenience you've experienced. Let me see if I can do more for you".

European Regulation 261/2004 mandates that airlines pay compensations ranging from 250 to 600 EUR for flight disruptions, such as delays (at least 3 hours), cancellations (less than 14 days before departure), overbookings, and missed connections. As our partner, you can provide this additional service to your customers without investing extra time, effort, or money.

Trouble Flight operates in the Italian, Romanian, Moldovan, UK, Spanish and Portuguese markets, boasting a 98% success rate, including cases that go to court.

There are no upfront costs for your customers or your business. We charge a commission only when the airline pays the compensation, and our commission rate is the lowest in the market, benefiting your passengers. We offer phone and email support, and claim status can be checked online anytime.

Your Benefits

We value the travel industry and believe in rewarding its professionals. There's no limit to your earnings; the more compensation your passengers receive, the more your account grows. You have no targets or quotas to meet, and your commission is limitless. You choose when and how much you want to earn.

Website Integration

Offer the claims service on your website

Simple Procedure

Upload your claim in a simplified way

Offline Procedure

Offer the service with a paper contract

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Check the status of your claims in real time

Dedicated Support

Priority support for information and assistance

Notification Alert

Information on flight disruptions in your area

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