Price and Payment Policy

General Provisions

All terms in this policy are described in details and shall be applied together with Terms and Conditions of Service. 

Types of services and commission applied

All Trouble Flight services are offered on a transparent commission base. Commissions are charged only after winning the case with the airline. 

Please refer to the below pricing and commission table applicable for Trouble Flight services: 

Claim category Commission after winning compensation

Flight cancellation

Flight delay



Denied boarding

25% of the compensation + VAT
amount charged after winning the case

Amount examples:

Compensation amount Trouble Flight commission
after winning the case
Flight related claim
250 euro per passenger
62.5 euro per passenger + VAT
Flight related claim
400 euro per passenger
100 euro per passenger + VAT
Flight related claim
600 euro per passenger
150 euro per passenger + VAT

*Note: Please refer to the compensation amount solely for reference. Real amounts for real cases shall be evaluated at the time of the claim. 

**Note: If you contracted our services through a partner travel agency or another partner please refer to terms and conditions and price and payment policy provided by our partners. 


Trouble Flight reserves the right to transfer compensation immediately after receiving it from the airline but after deducting it’s commission of 25% of the total compensation amount. 

In case by any error the full amount including commission of 25% was transferred to the customer, Trouble Flight reserves the right to request and receive commission amount equivalent to 25% of the compensation retroactively transferred by customer but not later than 15 days from date of request. 

Payment methods and Chargebacks

Trouble Flight reserves the right to select and use the optimal payment/ transfer method. Customers will support transfer costs and possible conversion differences if that shall be the case. Commission charged for cases won is non refundable and irreversible. Chargebacks are not accepted for provided and completed services. 

Legal actions and Lawsuit procedures

In some cases when airlines refuse to pay compensations and there is no justified reason to do so, we will seek legal support from our partner lawyers. If this shall be the case, an additional fee of 25% of the compensation amount is going to be charged, however total commision including Trouble Flight fee shall never exceed 50% of compensation amount (VAT included).