Travel Agency

We are well aware of travel agencies' operations, daily business and tasks can get hectic at times. We only have one question to ask: how much attention do you pay to post travel assistance? The Customer experience is only half complete when a sale is closed. Boost your service by offering a little extra care at no cost for you. We will reward you for every single winning case with a generous commission. Fill out the form and let’s see how we can make your customers happy together!


Sharing is caring and this is how we treat our partners. Whether you represent a hotel, taxi company or rental car company, or any other business that sees compatibility with our air travelers, reach out to us, and let’s have a chat. We are not looking for one-way deals. Help us reach more passengers and you get a share of every single winning claim. Get in touch!


Our philosophy is "People in the first place". We've been thinking about how we can help companies use our service and actually make every single employee feel valued, feel that their out-of-office life is just as important as time spent at the office. We know you get a bunch of offers every day and all of them require some payment and extra costs on your side. This is not the case with us. We're not charging anything, nor in advance, nor after service. You won't receive a single invoice from us, nor will you have any recurrent payment. Happy team, happy customers! Get in touch with us and let's create a better life for your team together!

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