Compensation for lost luggage

After 21 days of delay a luggage is declared lost. Hand over to us the stress of chasing the airline. It might pay you up to 1500EUR to compensate for the loss.

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Have you ever thought that the first place to visit in Moscow is a mall? If your baggage didn’t make it with you to the destination, the first thing you want to do is to buy appropriate clothes. Of course this is one of the worst things that can happen on a trip.

The good news is that anything is manageable if you know what you have to do about it.

In general 3 things can happen to a luggage on hold:

  1. It can be damaged (broken wheel, missing handle or perhaps it is just cracked)
  2. Baggage might be delayed and arrive at the destination later than you do
  3. After missing 21 days baggage is declared lost

Regardless of the situation there is one Must do thing immediately when you discovered your bag is missing or it is damaged: Fill out a report at the baggage claims desk.

Usually it is located somewhere close to the baggage carousel area. It is important to do this before you leave the airport. Reports are not accepted next day and claims are not accepted without the report.

Let’s have a closer look at all 3 scenarios and understand what are your rights.

Damaged baggage

When you fill out the report (property irregularity report- PIR) airport staff might offer you a new suitcase right there at the airport or a compensation for the luggage. It is really up to your personal preference. If you have a collection of another 11 suitcases at home, it might be reasonable to get the money. If this is the case, you will need to proceed to claim compensation with the airline online or hand over to us your case and we will handle it on your behalf.

Important: Whether you decide to do it yourself or leave it to our team, make sure to submit the claim in maximum 7 days from the date of travel. A claim submitted after 8 or more days will be rejected by the airline. The airline might as well evaluate your bag damage as fixable and in this case they might ask to forward the receipt from a specialised repair shop or offer to fix it at their partner shop. However this option is least possible.

Delayed baggage

The procedure is the same in both cases: fill out the report at the airport desk before leaving. If the bag is delayed upon arrival at a destination which is not your residence place (not at home) you might need to buy some toiletries and personal basic items. Airline will reimburse these expenses provided receipts are available. Try not to shop for luxury toiletries because the airline is going to reject this payment. Handling these cases with the airline directly might be time consuming and confusing. If you wish a smooth claim pass it to

Lost baggage

In case that delayed bag we spoke about is not found in 21 days from PIR, it is declared lost. And here the painful negotiations with the airlines start. They usually try to keep the compensation amount at minimum level. According to Montreal Convention passengers who lost their bag on a flight are entitled to get up to 1300EUR compensation. It rarely happens airlines accept this amount but it is doable. If you want us to act on your behalf we will need your cooperation to find as many receipts as possible of the things inside the luggage. Credit card statements are also a good proof.

Tip: Whenever possible remember to take a picture of the suitcase and it’s content before taking a flight.

All baggage issues are regulated by Montreal Convention (PDF) and it covers loss, delay or damage on flights between 133 member states.

Important: Do not throw away your baggage labels you received at the bag drop off desk at departure airport. The labels have a barcode and number to locate your bag.